Machine Design
Noncontact seal for vertical shafts

Noncontact seal for vertical shafts

The Noncontact Centritec seal is being used in vertical shafts for rotating machinery. The seal has the same centrifugal pressure principles as its horizontal counterpart except it has a sump that collects lubrication when the equipment is not running. This allows for continuous high-speed operation without any spillage or weepage, resulting in less machine downtime and reduced operational costs.

The frictionless Centritec Seal design is efficient, completely tolerant of vibration and axial movement in excess of 0.060 in., self-venting, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance. 

Centritec Seals, Carlyle Johnson Machine Co., 291 Boston Turnpike, Bolton, CT 06043, (860) 643-1531

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