Machine Design

Noncontact sensing system

The KD-2306 noncontact linear-displacement measuring instrument features resolution down to 10 nm and speeds to 50 kHz. Features include multiple high-gain output with easy calibration and synchronization.

The device makes high-precision static and dynamic measurements, and supports ambient, moderate temperature, and cryogenic-rated sensors. It senses both ferrous and nonferrous metal targets. The system includes the electronics, sensor, and interconnecting cable and can sense from 0.02 to 2.4 in., with 0.01% FS resolution or better, and nonlinearity as little as 0.25% FS.

Included are terminal I/O connections to connect 15 to 30-Vdc input power, optional 0 to 5 Vdc, 0 to 10 Vdc, ±5 Vdc, 4 to 20-mA output, and synchronization cables for multiple channel operation.

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