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Oil-sealed rotary-screw vacuum pumps

Oil-sealed rotary-screw vacuum pumps

GV oil-sealed rotary-screw vacuum pumps combine oil-sealed rotary screw technology and advanced screw design. These systems operate in 1 to 500-mbar pressure ranges. Two screw elements rotate at slow speeds, so the GV runs at sound levels as low as 69 dBA. The technology is contract-free and, thus, wear-free. The GV is outfitted with oversized motors and a highly efficient oil-mist separation. State-of-the-art coalescing filters reduce oil-mist carryover in the environment, leading to less oil top-ups, lower running temperatures, and lower motor-power consumption.

Atlas Copco, 1800 Overview Dr., Rock Hill, SC29730, (803) 817-7200,

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