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Perfect connect

Perfect connect

Industrial cable connectors can be bulky, typically offer only a few contact arrangements, and can be be difficult to fasten by hand tightening — which is not always reliable, either.

Now a new connector called the Han-Yellock from Harting North America, Elgin, Ill., engages quickly and seals to IP67. Two yellow buttons release the connector when pressed; red collars on the buttons show when they're not engaged. More compact than other cable locks, the buttons can also be secured to prevent tampering or accidental disconnection: Here, a user simply turns the button 90° with a screwdriver to lock them.

The Han-Yellock's internal parts maximize flexibility: Individually wired modules can be selected and slid into the connector, to couple power and data as the application requires. The connector can also combine and distribute current internally where needed, eliminating potential wiring errors and some terminal-block functions. Here, Han-Modular frames can also be used with an adapter frame that simply clicks into place — so modules can be installed from either the mating and termination side.


On display: Han-Yellock connector

Key features: Push-button locking and release saves space; internal connections easily customized, and slide into the connector body from front or back, without fixing screws; all-male contacts simplify installation

What it means to you: Faster, safer connections that withstand harsh environments and resist tampering; connector's female-pin module can be easily replaced if wear develops, as in testing applications with hundreds of mating cycles

What else: Rated to IP67; several versions incorporate up to 30 20-A connections; suitable for semiconductor, automation, and testing applications

Innovator: HARTING North America
Elgin, Ill.
(847) 717-9316

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