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Pick-and-place unit

Pick-and-place unit

The PPU-E is a linear-motor-driven pick-and-place unit that handles weights up to 5 kg. For a complete cycle with a 280-mm horizontal and 105-mm vertical stroke, the unit has a cycle time of 0.92 sec with a tooling mass of 2 kg and 2 × 60 msec (for gripper). Its maximum acceleration is 100 m/sec-2 and maximum speed is 4 m/sec.
Two integrated position sensors control the vertical and horizontal movement and ensure high repeat accuracy. The cantilever arm and  actuators are controlled by intelligent controllers without a master-control system.
Up to six integrated valves provide all pneumatic tooling with air, minimizing compressed air and energy. The PPU-E 50 is available in six configurations: with two, four or six air and sensor interfaces, electric rotary units, twofold air and sensor connections, a vacuum interface, and on option, with a venture nozzle or an aggregate. The Z axis can also be equipped with a spring load compensation and a parking brake.
Schunk, 211 Kitty Hawk Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560, (919) 572-2818,

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