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The UPM-20 ultrasonic piezomotor works on the principal of excitation of ultrasonic standing wave(s) within a piezoelectric resonator. An external signal source applied through three pins located on the driver board controls the motor, sending a train of electrical pulses, supplied by a digitally controlled ac voltage source, directly to the piezoelement. Motor speed is changed by varying the repetition rate of the pulses or duration of each individual pulse. Varying the excitation voltage source lets the piezomotor rotate either continuously or in a precise stepping mode.

Specifications of the unidirectional motor include 0.1-Nm maximum torque, 0.11-Nm self-braking torque, 60-rpm maximum speed, 1 arc-sec minimum angular step, 4-kHz dynamic range, 12-Vdc supply voltage for driver, and <400-mA operating current.

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