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Motion System Design
Precise conveyors

Precise conveyors

Dorner's new Precision Move offering brings more accurate movement to 2200 and 3200 Series belt conveyors.

• Features the latest advances in timing belt and drive technology for 2200 and 3200 Series low-profile belt conveyors; enables extremely accurate product movement at specific times, distances, and intervals • Suitable for robotic pick-and-place, indexing, part positioning, vision inspection • Includes timing belt, integrated servomotor and drive, controls, and gearmotor mounting; 3200 Series has accuracy of ±0.20-in.; 2200 Series has accuracy of ±0.40-in. • 3200 Series offers single belt widths up to 18 in. wide • Mounting method has accuracy of ±0.005 in., suitable for processes requiring accurate alignment of time and distance

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