Motion System Design

Precision gearboxes

The new SL, RL, and FL right angle gearbox family consists of a 1:1 spiral bevel input module and a precision planetary output stage to develop ratios from 3:1 up to 100:1.

Features & benefits

  • Proprietary gear technology provides efficiency, smooth operation

  • Four frame sizes with output torque ranging from 6 to 100 Nm; backlash as low as 12 arc min.

  • Suitable for packaging, conveying, food processing, printing/converting, machine tool, industrial automation

  • Easily mounted to any NEMA or Metric/IEC servo or stepper motor; use PL flange to integrate reducer body within output timing pulley for compact planetary product

  • Other precision gearboxes, zero-backlash cycloidal reducers, and timing belt pulleys/sprockets also available

Onvio LLC
(866) 685-0404

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