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Precision ring drive

The new Precision Ring Drive (PRD), provides precision motion control for indexing and rotary-positioning systems. The drive, a combination of a roller-pinion system with a precision-grade bearing and gearhead, has accelerations twice that of similar indexing technologies, reaching speeds up to 300 rpm. Unlike cam-driven systems, the PRD handles peak torque inputs at all times and offers indexing precision up to ±11 arc-sec with repeatability up to ±1.2‚arc-sec. Supported by a high-capacity cross-roller bearing, it’s rated for loads up to 1,575 kN.

Eliminating oil baths lets the PRD reduce labor and maintenance by not requiring time-consuming cleanups and lets the drive mount in any orientation. The drive’s large open center allows mounting to equipment with cabling which can pass through the center, simplifying installation and improving mounting versatility.

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