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Motion System Design
Premium Efficient Motors

Premium Efficient Motors

New designs have been added to the Baldor·Reliance Super-E line of premium efficient motors; 450 Super-E designs are being added across many ac motor families to expand the range of these NEMA Premium motors.

Features & benefits

  • Available in almost any configuration; efficiencies meet or exceed NEMA Premium levels, and those required by the Energy Independence and Security Act (effective December 19)

  • New motors include 26 premium efficient ratings, more than 50 washdown, paint-free and all-stainless premium efficient ratings, and more than 70 premium efficient unit handling ratings

  • Three-year warranty; general-purpose ratings available from stock — 1 to 450 hp

  • In stock: Super-E severe duty motors to 700 hp in low and medium voltages, C-Face to 100 hp, explosion-proof through 200 hp, and close-coupled pump ratings to 50 hp

  • IEEE 841 severe duty, brake motors, and other motor types also available

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