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Printed-circuit jumpers

Printed-circuit jumpers

A new line of SMT PC-board jumpers link circuit-board traces/tracks where thru-hole jumper use is not feasible.  The new connectors provide low-profile circuit linkage and minimal footprint for high-density, high-current PCB packages on power and aluminum backplanes. All PCB soldering applications, including reflow, may be used.

The jumpers are made from copper with silver plating and come in three styles: compact style, Cat. #5100 (bulk) or Cat. #5100TR (tape and reel); micro-miniature style, Cat. #5102 (bulk) or Cat. #5102TR (tape and reel); and miniature style, Cat. #5104 (bulk) or Cat. #5104TR (tape and reel).

Keystone Electronics Corp., 31-07 20th Rd., Astoria, NY 11105, (718) 956-8900

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