Machine Design

Probe measures surface finish

The SFP1 probe for the Revo fiveaxis measurement system integrates surface-finish inspection with coordinate-measurement routines. The probe’s 6.3 to 0.05-Ra measurement capability makes the CMM a “single-platform” metrology system. The probe eliminates the need for handheld surface-measurement devices or transporting parts to a dedicated surface measuring machine.

The probe comes with two dedicated styli, straight and cranked, that are selected via the measurement program control using the system’s modular rack system. The probe uses a C axis that, combined with the Revo head position and choice of stylus holders, automatically orients the probe tip to any angle to suit the part, ensuring high-quality surface data. With the straight stylus, the probe performs a measurement trace within a 10-mm-diameter bore to a depth of 100 mm. The probe is calibrated through the CMM program.

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