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Program-memory upgrades

Program-memory upgrades

Upgrades to the DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 motion controllers now give both units twice the program memory. The release increases program memory from 2,000 × 80 characters to 4,000 × 80 characters and total array elements from 16,000 to 24,000.

 The DMC-40x0 and DMC-41x3 are fifth-generation multiaxis motion controllers with up to eight axes that handle any mode of motion, have built-in Ethernet ports for easy daisy-chaining, and include isolated digital inputs and outputs and uncommitted analog inputs.

 The DMC-40x0 comes in a box-level format with ultrahigh speed with specs that include acceptance of encoder inputs of up to 22 MHz, servo sample periods as low as 32 μsec, and command-processing times as low as 40 μsec. The DMC-41x3 comes in both box-level and card-level formats for precise control in a low-cost package.

Both controllers control brush servos, brushless servos, hydraulic servos, steppers, and piezoceramic motors.

Galil Motion Control Inc., 270 Technology Way, Rocklin, CA 95765, (800) 377-6329

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