Motion System Design
Programmable controller

Programmable controller

The AMKAMAC A5 controller is an advanced machine control PLC with an ATOM processor, designed without a fan or any movable parts that could be subject to failure — with 512 Mbytes of RAM and up to 2 Gbyte flash memory.

Features & benefits

  • A5 with Qt controller equipped with C++ call library comes with a graphic user interface for programming: When setting up the visualization, select from graphic elements including a touch panel, color blending with buttons, 3D elements, optically adjustable operator panel, handwheels, and sliders

  • Intuitive user interface accesses an integrated SQLite database, allowing designers to record production data and organize recipes

  • Operating manuals and supplementary information can be accessed as PDF files

AMK Drives and Controls Inc.
(804) 222-0323

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