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Programmable Motor Includes Controller

Programmable Motor Includes Controller

The programmable EC042B IDEA Motor from Haydon Kerk Pittman combines a precision brushless servo motor with an IDEADrive controller. It is designed for real-time embedded motion control and is well suited for autonomous precise execution of complex single-axis motion. Designers can save money and space using the motor, drive, and feedback connections contained in a compact and programmable unit. Users can immediately generate complex precise motion sequences using the included GUI that provides an intuitive programming environment to develop, save, and debug complex motion sequences. Connections between the drive and motor are internal. RS-485 communications fieldbus ports are included for programming autonomous motion sequences, monitoring system status, and streaming commands to synchronize motion among multiple motors. It is available in three motor lengths and with optional factory-configurable gearboxes.

Haydon Kerk Pittman,  (800) 243 2715,

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