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Protective enclosure vent

The VE80205 is an addition to the Gore protective vent line. It improves the integrity, reliability, and safety of electronic components in harsh weather by equalizing pressure and reducing condensation. Sudden changes in environmental conditions can cause the internal pressure in enclosures to build up to as much as 200 mbar (3 psi), putting significant stress on seals, eventually causing them to fail. The vent rapidly equalizes internal pressure by allowing air to flow freely into and out of the enclosure. The vent’s breathable membrane reduces condensation by allowing moisture vapor to escape while protecting electronics from liquids and particulates.

The 2.0 × 5.0-mm vent offers airflow of 103.62 ml/min/cm2 and is made with an adhesive that withstands challenging environments and adheres to different product surfaces. The vent can be installed manually or with an automated process on either the internal or external enclosure wall.

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