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Push-to-close cam latches

An expanded line of single and two-point E5 cam latches offer push-to-close convenience. Styling and access control options include hand, tool, and key-actuated models.

Single-point latches use a spring-loaded ramped cam. The mechanism rotates to disengage from the keeper. Once the panel is opened and the cam rotates back to the “closed” position, the ramp-shaped face of the retractable cam functions like a push-to-close mechanism for safe, trouble-free operation, even if the door is shut with the cam in the closed position.

For multipoint latching applications, the two-point-latching adapter connects with cable actuators used to drive the company’s R4 Series of rotary latches. In this design, the driver and actuators return to their original positions as soon as the driver is released after opening, while the rotary latches provide push-to-close engagement with latching security.

Access-control options range from hand-actuated wing-handle, T-handle, and L-handle styles to tool-actuated head styles.

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