Motion System Design
PWM servo controller

PWM servo controller

ESCON 36/2 DC is a 4-quadrant, digital PWM servo controller for use with dc motors up to 72 W.

Features & benefits

  • Drift-free yet dynamic speed behavior enables a speed range of 1 to 150,000 rpm; fully configurable digital and analog inputs and outputs; can be run in various operating modes — speed controller (closed or open loop), current controller

  • Controlled by an analog set value; specified by analog voltage, external or internal potentiometer, defined value, or PWM signal with variable duty cycle; speed can be regulated with a digital incremental encoder

  • When connected to a PC via a USB port, can be easily configured with the graphical user interface

  • Protects against over-current, excess temperature, under and over-voltage, transients and motor cable short-circuits; 95% efficiency

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