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Range of Ball Plungers Available

Three versions ball plungers used for securing and pressure and stand-off functions. Are now available from JW WInco. They include the GN 615.5 A4 stainless steel plungers with a ceramic ball, GN 615.8 in stainless steel or steel with a friction bearing and a slot, and GN 615.9 in stainless steel or steel with a friction bearing and an internal hexagon. The stainless steel ball are suitable for use in highly corrosive environments and the ceramic ball is low wearing, anti-magnetic, and electrically insulating. Versions 615.8 and 615.9 feature the ball mounted in a plastic friction bearing shell so it is freely movable, which lets it roll and improves its securing characteristics while reducing wear on the mating part. The plastic friction bearing shell acts as an electrical insulator and withstands temperatures to 194 °F (90 °C).

JW Winco, 800-877-8351,

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