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Resins for thermoset systems

Noryl SA90 and SA9000 resins can be used as additives for epoxy and nonepoxy thermoset systems, as well as by makers of prepregs and coppercoated laminates, electrical adhesives, composites and coatings to significantly boost the performance and sustainability of their existing thermoset products.

Noryl SA90 resin, designed as an additive for epoxy and cyanate ester-based thermosets, provides lower dielectric constant and loss factor for better high-frequency performance (1 to 10 GHz) in epoxybased PCBs. It is soluble (at loadings of up to 50%) in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) at room temperature, thus avoiding the use of extreme solvents commonly needed for traditional polyphenylene ether (PPE) resins that pose difficulties in safe handling in the electrical laminate market.

Noryl SA9000 resin provides lower dielectric constant and loss for improved high-frequency performance (up to 20 GHz) in nonepoxy based thermoset systems. This lets manufacturers provide nonhalogenated flame retardants in free radical cure (vinyl or triallylisocyanurate (TAIC) PCBs.

Both resins provide lower moisture uptake for more-stable dielectrics and higher glass transition (Tg) temperatures.

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