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Ribbon cables for clean rooms, microelectronics

Ribbon cables for clean rooms, microelectronics

IDC ribbon cables are for high-precision microelectronic equipment systems that require absolute reliability and zero failure. Compared to industry-standard stiff ribbon cables that shed particulates and only operate in -20 to 80°C, these flexible cables are designed for tight routing, excessive temperatures (-65 to 260°C), and Class 1 clean rooms. Flexx-Sil-jacketed 28-AWG ribbon cables with up to 64 conductors in 0.050-in. and 1-mm versions are available.

IDC cables are resistant to UV light, flames, steam, de-ionized water, acids, alcohol, autoclave, ozone, mechanical stress, and many chemicals. The flexible cables can also be bent, folded over, slit, and formed into custom shapes, while still retaining all performance characteristics.

Cicoil Corp., 24960 Avenue Tibbitts, Valencia, CA 91355, (661) 295-1295

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