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Right-angle gearboxes

Right-angle gearboxes

IEC right-angle (RA) gearboxes feature a symmetrical hollow output shaft for right, left, or dual-shaft configurations.

Features & benefits

  • Nine sizes from 26 to 130 mm; RA26 through 90 have compact die-cast aluminum housings for heat dissipation, and maximum torque output; RA110 and RA130 are cast iron; powder-coated housings resist corrosion

  • 0.06 to 7.5 kW, 1/15 to 10 hp input power; 10 to 1,050 Nm, 5 to 10,000 lb-in. torque; foot, flange, shaft mounting

  • Optional torque arm; IEC input flanges; synthetic long-life lubrication on RA26 to 90

  • Symmetrical output shaft facilitates mounting and plug-in shafts for easy assembly

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