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Motion System Design
Rod-style linear actuators

Rod-style linear actuators

K Series universal rod-style linear actuators offer options for mounting any type of motor.

Features & benefits

  • KT Series incorporates a high-performance precision planetary roller screw; KX Series provides a high-performance planetary roller screw; KM Series delivers the benefits of planetary roller screw technology over ballscrews; KA Series has an Acme screw for low-duty cycle applications with 2.54-mm and 5.08-mm leads

  • Users choose the motor brand and type, including brushless, servo, stepper, dc, or ac motor; input transmission options include parallel motor mounts with belt transmissions — standard ratios of 1:1 to 2:1

  • Optional direct-drive inline mount or base unit without motor-mounting provisions; front or rear flange, rear clevis, rear eye, adjustable side trunnions, end angles, or foot mount; 60-mm frame with standard stroke lengths to 750-mm; longer stroke lengths available

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