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Machine Design

Rotary module

The compact ERS rotary module, with a center hole for cable feedthrough, is multifunctional and can be used as a freely programmable rotary indexing table; workpiece support for laserwelding machines, or an axis of rotation for grippers in gantries. Any intermediate position can be approached at a repeat accuracy of 0.02°.

The module comes in three sizes with diameters of 135, 170, and 210 mm. Size 170 measures 66 mm in height and achieves 5-Nm torque. An optional pneumatic holding brake ensures that individual positions can be reliably fixed.

The core of the module is a torque motor with a hollow shaft, which allows the module to be lightweight, more compact, wear-free, and extremely reliable. In contrast to rotary modules with conventional servomotors, the module has no additional interfering contours.

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