Motion System Design
Rotary position sensors

Rotary position sensors

The Vert-X 22E Series of programmable, touchless rotary position sensors use a magnetic pickup that is secured to the rotating object so there is no direct mechanical link between the shaft and measuring system and, therefore, no wear.

Features & benefits

  • Programmable for slope of the linear output, zero and end points, midpoint, and switch steps; eliminate need for other components to specify the angles users want to measure, choose an intermediate plateau, sense of rotation (CW or CCW), V-output function, or switch function

  • Vert-X Easy Adapt lets users program tool with a PC to choose between six modifiable linear output curve characteristics

  • 0 to 360¡ã measurement range, 5 and 24-V supply versions, up to two switch outputs, resolution to 14-bit, ¡Ü0.1¡ã repeatability, and ¡Ü0.1¡ã hysteresis; MTBF is 2.7 or 5.8 million hr, depending on version

  • Output voltage of 10% to 90% of power supply, SPI, and PWM

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