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Machine Design

Rotary stage

CCS Series rotary stages, with integrated captured collet chucks, provide automated material handling for a wide range of materials and applications. The unit’s collet chucks accept C, D, or Levin-style collets that are available from machine-tool component suppliers in sizes that support 0.1 to 27-mm tube diameters. The collets provide run-out characteristics for applications requiring high-precision gripping of tubular material.

The collet-chuck design allows workpiece advance without manual realignment to compensate for axial tube motion during clamp/unclamp cycles. By moving the taper around the collet instead of drawing the collet into the taper, axial motion of the workpiece is reduced, eliminating the need for part reregistration after tube advancement, thereby increasing system throughput.

Mounting features on the unit’s housing support customer-supplied wetcutting accessories. The stage also tolerates moderate fluid leakage into the aperture, which is inevitable during wet-cutting operations. These features prevent encoder contamination and collet-chuck failure, minimizing machine downtime.

The CCS Series uses direct-drive brushless motor technology to maximize positioning performance. Direct drive provides quicker acceleration and higher top speeds than gear or belt-driven mechanisms, for higher total overall throughput.

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