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Machine Design

Rotary Stages

Two versions of the MPS-GR Series rotary stages — the MPS50GR and MPS75GR — offer accurate, repeatable positioning for laboratory or R&D settings, as well as for optics, measurement, alignment, and inspection.

The stages feature wormgear drive and bearing components, dc servo or stepper motors, and either a 20-mm (MPS50GR) or 30-mm (MPS75GR) clear aperture. The aperture lets the stage address applications requiring a through-hole or accommodations to mount an optic, including articulation of beam polarizing lenses, through-holes for cabling or air lines, or vision/camera/inspection applications. The servomotors are equipped with a square-wave rotary encoder, and the MPS75GR includes a manual adjustment knob.

Additional features include 80 arc-sec accuracy, 1 arc-sec resolution, 6 arc-sec repeatability, 180°/sec maximum speed, top load capacity of 12 kg, and tilt error motion is 40 arc-sec.

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