Safety encoders

Safety encoders

The ExI 13xx Series rotary position encoders include the ECI 1319 and EQI 1331.  These inductive encoders meet requirements of SIL 3, PL e, Category 4-rated equipment, which is used for applications involving high risks for operators, such as when they interact with a robot.
The EQI 1331 encoder has 19-bit resolution in the single-turn range while tracking 4,096 (12-bit) revolutions. The ECI 1319 is a single-turn encoder with 524,288 (19 bits) of resolution.  Both encoders provide improved vibration specifications (400 m/sec2 stator and 600 m/sec2 rotor), as well as a durable multiturn gearbox. The encoders also feature noncontact design, resistance to contamination, no mechanical self-heating, and reduced sensitivity to radial runout.  
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