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Motion System Design
Safety light curtains

Safety light curtains

Safetinex safety light curtains are used wherever risks cannot be eliminated through machine design to help protect operators from injury.

Features & benefits

  • Sender and receiver unit establish a protection zone between them; correspond to safety category 4 according to ISO 13849-1 (former EN 954-1) as well as type 4 according to IEC 61496-1 and 2

  • Resolutions of 14 mm (YBB14) for finger protection and 30 mm (YBB30) for hand protection, with a maximum protection field width of 3.5 m (YBB14) and 12 m (YBB30); maximum protection field height is either 1,685 mm (YBB14) or 1,822 mm (YBB30); all types offer a choice between two channels

  • M12 or M26 connector, short cable (pigtail) with M12 connector or PUR cable, up to 10 m long; safety relay of safety category 4 for manual or automatic restart as well as fixing elements

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