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Motion System Design
Save time with robotics

Save time with robotics

Simple configurations speed installation

Monitoring and controlling complex machinery is made easy with the PNOZmulti safety system from Pilz Automation Safety LP, Canton, Mich. The PNOZ monitors and controls as few as one and more than 15 safety functions (if the expansion modules are used), allows users to reduce wiring, and save time and money.

Users implement the required functions, such as emergency stop, two-hand control, muting, or speed monitoring, not through wiring but by using the PNOZmulti Configurator graphic tool. The configuration is stored on a chip card, which allows faster unit swap-out, and may be directly downloaded to the PNOZmulti base unit. The Configurator also offers flexibility, allowing relatively complex safety systems to be configured easily and quickly.

Connection modules enable several base units to communicate with each other. Its modular structure connects up to six PNOZml1p connection modules to each base unit, establishing ring and tree network structures. Connection interfaces are electrically isolated, so data can be exchanged even when machines have different power supplies.

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Delta robot arms eliminate design time

With the expiration of key patents, packaging machine designers can design their own Delta3 robot arms or purchase one. Picking a ready-to-run robot arm such as the PacDrive Robot P3 from ELAU Inc., a Schneider Electric Co., eliminates design time.

This ready-to-run robot arm works with ELAU’s robotic software Function Block, which is an IEC 61131-3 compliant software object that allows users to enter motion parameters like a plain servomotor. All the transformations to robotic kinematics are performed automatically — no specialized knowledge of robotic algorithms is required. This object is pre-tested, saving debugging and validation time.

Four of these arms can be run from a single controller, in the same program that runs the machine motion, logic, data acquisition, etc. This saves time communicating between PLC, motion controller, and proprietary robot controller, meaning better synchronization and less programming time.

The PacDrive Robot P3 uses light composite materials for most moving parts and dynamic servodrives. It operates at speeds to 160 cycles/min. With a vertical picker path of up to 230 mm, it covers a circular operating envelope with a diameter of 1100 mm. With a vertical path of 350 mm, it covers an 800 mm diameter envelope.

For more information, call (847) 490-4270 or visit or

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