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Schottky Rectifier Modules Integrate Two Diodes

Schottky Rectifier Modules Integrate Two Diodes

Semiconductor manufacturer, America Semiconductor, LLC, has released its high-voltage, Schottky rectifier modules. The avalanche energy rated AK2S200-170 modules combine two fully independent diodes into a compact, insulated, SOT-227 package. The 200 Amp (100 Amp per diode), single-phase modules feature a low forward voltage of 0.63 V and repetitive peak reverse voltage of 170 V. The module has a low leakage current, high blocking voltage, and high maximum operation and storage junction temperature of 150°C. It is engineered for a wide range of applications including the output rectification stage of welding machines; switchmode power supplies (SMPS); freewheeling diodes; and, DC/DC converters. The parts’ low recovery current and optimized storage charge reduce the dissipation in the switching elements and EMI/RFI.

America Semiconductors, LLC, 2525 Brunswick Ave., Suite 209, Linden, NJ 07036, (908) 810-7364 

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