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Screwless Terminal Blocks

Screwless Terminal Blocks

ABB’s Low Voltage Products division introduces the screwless SNK Series PI-Spring Terminal Block, featuring a spring design that allows the installer to lock a screwdriver onto a terminal connected to unprepared flexible conductors. It combines push-in and spring technology for effective connections to solid and standard wires, while freeing installer’s hands to manipulate wires and hold circuit drawings. The terminal blocks are designed for medium and heavy industrial applications—like marine and hazardous locations, and solar power and commercial building applications. It includes self-guiding wire entries that allow direct, one-step, push-in insertions that have solid wires and stranded wires with ferrules—making it 50% faster than terminal blocks with screw clamps.

It’s designed to minimize the height of the wires and maintain generous bend radium—which increases the integrity of the connection and decreases the space that the wires occupy for a narrower wireway in the enclosure. Due to its asymmetrical design, the terminal block is an immediate visual check to ensure against terminal block reversal, reducing the chance of mounting and wiring errors.

ABB, 12040 Regency Parkway, Cary, NC 27518, (919) 856-2360

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