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Seal and bearing materials

The Turcon MF6 and Zurcon Z431 PEEK seal and bearing materials can withstand the high temperatures and cleaning regimes in food and beverage manufacturing. These compounds provide tribological and sealing capabilities, and extended seal and bearing life.

Suitable for a wide range of seals, scrapers, and wear rings, Turcon MF6 is formulated for food-contact, pharmaceutical, and medical applications. The new Zurcon Z431 PEEK is suitable for valves and bearings.

The materials passed migration tests for aqueous, acidic, and fatty foods in repeated contact, as well as sensory tests passed at 90 cm2/liter surface-to-volume ratio at 95°C

(52.8 in.2/gallon surface-to-volume ratio at 203°F) for 30 min and FDA extraction tests.

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