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Semirigid TPE

A high-impact, semirigid grade of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) comes in black pellets with a 50 Shore D hardness. Designated 9050BX, the material benefits processors and end users with a wide range of properties for trim rings and panels required for electronic consumer products and various transportation equipment and interior instrumentation. The TPE has the integrity to be molded as an integral part in fastening systems that require a high level of impact resistance. The new TPE is said to perform well in part designs that require various screw bosses and gusset-reinforced screw boss designs. The latex-free TPEs do not require drying and are for applications requiring rubberlike properties, impact resistance, colorability, a good surface finish, easy processibility, and reduced material usage.

Elastocon TPE Technologies
Marketing Dept.
Box 463
Rochester, IL 62563
(888) 644-8732

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