Six-axis robots

Six-axis robots

The new C4 and C4L compact six-axis robots offer faster speeds and more payload capability. The extended reach C4L provides up to 965 mm of reach. The robot’s slim body and compact wrist design allows for greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions.
The tight integration of powerful motors and amplifiers along with controls and ultrahigh-resolution feedback offer unmatched motion performance including higher acceleration and deceleration rates and advanced linear interpolated motion.
The robots use high-quality components to achieve high rigidity in a lightweight arm. With vibration-sensing technology, the robot’s arms automatically adjust to minimize vibration and maximize speed and accel/decel rates, translating to faster cycle times even with heavier payloads.
Epson Robots, 18300 Central Ave., Carson, CA 90746, (562) 290-5910,

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