Machine Design

Slide acts as “helping hand” - Accuride International

 The 3832 Action-Assist slide helps users open and close drawers with ease. A midway-opened drawer has a neutral zone where the drawer remains in a steady position. The slide finishes opening the drawer when it is about two-thirds open. Conversely, as the drawer is pushed closed past the neutral zone, the Action-Assist kicks in and closes the drawer. The slide is easy to install and requires no electricity. The slide operates on the principle of stored and released energy, is ADA compliant, requires a pull-force of only 2 to 3 lb, has a 100-lb load rating, and comes in 12 to 28 -in. lengths in a clear zinc or black finish.
Accuride International, 12311 Shoemaker Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, (562) 903-0200,

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