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Machine Design

Software for simulating automobile dynamics

CarSim 8.1 software lets users build models of entire vehicles including inputs from the driver, ground, and aerodynamics. Users can also prove initial concepts, select components, and perform advanced analysis of existing vehicles. A modern GUI lets users easily run simulated tests, see animations, or view engineering plots of results with just one mouse click. Models are parametric and include measurable properties commonly used by OEMs and automotive suppliers. Models are extensible using built-in commands, MatLab/Simulink, LabView, and custom programs written in Visual Basic, C, and other languages. This lets users add advanced controllers and details about the tires, brakes, and powertrain. CarSim supports real-time (RT) testing with hardware-in-the-loop using technology from most RT suppliers. According to the developer, OEM users consistently find close agreement between CarSim predictions and actual test results.

Mechanical Simulation Corp.
755 Phoenix Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
(734) 668-2930

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