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Machine Design
Solid-State Relays

Solid-State Relays

The CotoMOS CTA17/CSA17 joins the CotoMOS line of solid-state relays.  Designed for telecommunications, the CTA17/CSA17 features a current-switching capability to 120 mA with a low on-resistance of 30 Ω maximum.

The CTA17/CSA17 combines a MOSFET relay with an integrated photocoupler to provide applications requiring low-input power and unlimited life, a high-performance, solid-state solution.

The relay features a 1-A contact form and comes in either an 8-pin through-hole or 8-pin surface-mount package.  

Coto Technology Inc., 66 Whitecap Dr., N. Kingstown, RI 02852, (401) 943-2686

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