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Spotlight: Switches

Spotlight: Switches

Industrial Ethernet switches

852 Series switches range from simple styles to configurable, multifunction Ethernet communication switches, all suitable for rigorous industrial environments.

Features & benefits

  • Rugged housing; handle temperatures from 0° to 60° C; vibration resistance to IEC 60068-2-6; shock resistance to IEC 60068-2-27

  • Electrical characteristics include function monitoring and redundant voltage supplies from 9 to 48 V

  • Xpress Ring in the 852-104 style allows redundant ring reconfiguration in less than 50 msec in the event of primary link failure; failures can be reported via e-mail

WAGO Corp.
(262) 255-6222
Circle 151

SiC power switch

A demonstration, dual switch, 1200 V, 100 A, power module featuring all-SiC (silicon carbide) semiconductors is able to operate at temperatures to 200° C, beyond those achievable with a silicon IGBT-based module.

Features & benefits

  • Development funded by U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Power module features SiC MOSFETs and SiC Schottky diodes

  • SiC MOSFETS are normally off devices with drive requirements equal to silicon IGBT modules they replace, for easy drop-in substitution

  • Possibly an enabling technology for next-generation military aircraft and combat systems; also suitable where high efficiency is critical, such as solar-energy power inverters and electric drives

Cree Inc.
(800) 533-2583
Circle 152

Electromechanical toggle switches

S Series locking lever, medium capacity electromechanical toggle switches are available in single and double pole models, with two or three maintained positions.

Features & benefits

  • Single throw or double circuit versions available; electrical capacity from 15 to 20 A at 125 Vac

  • Panel sealed and rated to IP67

  • Brass with chrome plating; panel mounted with 12 mm D-flat threaded bushings

  • Hardware includes hex nut, lock washer, and O-ring

NKK Switches
(480) 991-0942
Circle 153

Rugged switches

A new family of switches is available for severe operating conditions and heavy-duty applications, such as industrial controls, farm machinery, and off-road vehicles.

Features & benefits

  • ESM and DSM Series are single and double switch modules, supplied ready to install with optional cables or connectors; both styles protected by silicon rubber caps and sealed to IP65 when mounted

  • RS and QS Series switches provide tactile feedback and positive snap-point action; designed for use in front panels, multi-function grips, or other switching units

  • AR3 and AR5 Series analog rocker switches are suitable for off-road vehicles and feature Hall-effect contactless sensing, with one sensor as standard and an optional second sensor as required

C&K Components
(617) 969-3700
Circle 154

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