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Stainless protective covers

Stainless protective covers

Stainless protective covers

Gorplate stainless-steel protective covers from A&A Gortite (of A&A Mfg.) integrate plates and monofilament connections to protect linear rails, ways, and machine elements from damage.

• Lightweight; protects against hot chips and weld splatter; stainless steel covers provide an additional level of protection not available with fabric bellows • Unidirectional monofilament plate connection provides uniform plate expansion in a low profile design; have performed to one million cycles at up to 2 gs to meet high speed and cycle requirements • 1-in. depth and cover widths as narrow as 7 in. • For horizontal and vertical applications, Mild steel side rails and end plates included (stainless steel available) • Quiet operation; resists heavy chip load

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