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Stainless-steel screens

Stainless-steel screens

MicroEtch stainless-steel screens are made using photoetching. This lets designers specify a straight or tapered hole, which facilitates liquid filtration and back-flow cleaning. Hole sizes range from 0.003 in. and up. Photoetching yields a burr-free product resulting in cleaner, more-efficient screens with greater material integrity. The screens have tight-tolerance hole sizes and greater dimensional stability. Unlike woven-wire-mesh screens, the fixed photoetched openings will not change through use. Screens with holes in a 60° or 90° pattern are available with a maximum guaranteed perforated area of 18 × 21 in.

Tech-Etch Inc., 45 Aldrin Rd., Plymouth, MA 02360, (508) 747-0300

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