Motion System Design
Standard rack and pinion drives

Standard rack and pinion drives

Both helical and straight (spur) tooth rack and pinion drives are available in an assortment of sizes, materials, and quality levels, to meet almost any axis drive requirements.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable for axis drives requiring precise positioning, repeatability, traveling gantries and columns, pick and place robots, material handling systems

  • Heavy load capacities and duty cycles easily handled with this drive

  • Metric pitches from module 1.0 to 16.0, with linear force capacities to 31,000 lb; rack segment lengths up to 3.0 m available as standard

  • Unlimited travel lengths possible by mounting segments end-to-end; quality levels include soft, induction-hardened, quenched and tempered, and hardened and ground — AGMA 12

  • 2 to 3-week delivery times; special and modified designs available

ATLANTA Drive Systems
(800) 505-1715

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