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Machine Design

Steam valves

A new range of steam valves with interchangeable coils consists of two valves: the EV215B and EV225B. The valves are constructed of dezincification-resistant brass, with a floating polymer disc and a stainless-steel seat, making the valve bodies extremely resilient.

Users can attach one of three different coils, designed to cope with temperatures to 140, 160, or 185°C. The coils are clip-on for quick and easy mounting. With an IP65 rating, the coils resist to aggressive steam and impurities.

The dirt-resistant EV225B is for heating water in laundry machines and dishwashers. The EV215B’s highpressure resistance makes it suitable for steam-injection applications, such as flat irons and dryers. Both valves are suitable for autoclaves and steam sterilizers.

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