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Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers

Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers

Featuring a high-contrast LCD display and three input buttons, the OM-EL-GFX Series portable temperature/humidity data loggers measure and store up to 252,928 readings. Downloaded data can be viewed by connecting the device to a computer’s USB port.

The three input buttons let users start, stop, and restart the data logger through on-screen menus. Another menu provides real-time data analysis as a data summary (showing highest and lowest readings and alarm conditions) or as a graph that continually updates. Maximum and minimum readings, as well as the time and date the reading are valid from are displayed by using the info button. Each time the maximum/minimum readings are reset, an “event marker” is created in the data. When downloaded to a computer, the events can be viewed on the graph (event markers), and also appear in the data file associated with the corresponding reset log. Multiple data-logging sessions can be stored.

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