Motion System Design

Time Saving Technology: Save time with motorized stages

Compact stage delivers friction-free motion

The Dover MAB-100 linear motor stage measures just 2.5 × 3.5 × 10.5 in. and uses a unique air bearing guideway to deliver precise, straight-line motion. Its noncontact design saves maintenance and machine downtime in comparison to linear motor stages with contact components. The noncontact stage generates no particles, allowing it to meet Class 1 cleanroom standards. A noncontact brushless servomotor with a moving magnet design is used to drive the stage, while a linear optical encoder with a resolution up to 5 nm provides position feedback. Fewer parts, lighter weight, and a small footprint ease integration into equipment.

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Positioning base works out of the box

HoneyComb series linear stepper X-Y positioning bases increase productivity in a range of machinery applications. A honeycomb-structured composite material on the base reduces the time and cost of applying advanced linear motor technology, offering an alternative to solutions such as rotary motors and ballscrews or belts. Bases come in seven sizes with square or rectangular working areas and offer friction-free mechanics with zero-backlash and no wind-up. A forcer floats on an air bearing and integrates two linear stepper motors mounted at right angles to provide X and Y directional thrust. Bases are supplied ready to use; all that's needed is a power supply to the forcer, and an air supply to the bearing system.

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Linear motor stage eliminates stiction

The ALS130H linear motor stage, with sub-nanometer resolution, bidirectional repeatability, and low-velocity performance, is suitable for use in high performance test, measurement, inspection, and other applications. It uses a center-driven, non-cogging linear motor as the driving element. Because the linear motor is a direct-drive device, the backlash, windup, or stiction normally associated with a lead screw or ballscrew drive is eliminated, saving troubleshooting time. The motor also allows the stage to make precise, small resolution steps, which is important in alignment applications where step accuracy is critical.

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Automatic stages offer high precision

XY-axis automatic stages are available in sizes from 142.5 to 172.5 mm2 and just 48 mm tall for precision motion in a compact space. Linear ballscrews and ball guides provide resolution down to 1 pulse at 10 mm/sec with repeatability of +/- 0.5 µm. Revolving 360° automatic stages are offered in black anodized aluminum, with wormgear mechanical motion in reductions of 1/120 or 1/180 on standard models. Precise resolution is provided to 0.006°/0.004° at full pulse and 0.003°/0.002° at half pulse, with repeatability to +/-0.01° or less.

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