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TM Robotics Positions Themselves for Competitive Price-to-Performance Leader

Ensuring its high-performance robots are more accessible to manufacturers in all industry sectors, Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, has revised its SCARA robot pricing structure for the North American market. Exclusively available to North American manufacturers, the new structure provides manufacturers with a more extensive line-up of low-cost, high-performance machines.

TM Robotics’ new structure puts the company’s range of Toshiba Machine SCARA robots as the performance leader of the low-cost end of the market. The company’s latest SCARA model for instance, the THE400, can provide manufacturers with twice the repeatability of competing models in this price range. The robot is also up to 40 per cent faster and can provide up to 60 per cent more payload.

The restructure assists customers looking for low-cost robotics, by providing access to robots with high-performance operations more typically associated with high-cost machines. For businesses considering a low-cost SCARA robot, for instance, the new pricing ensures that for a slightly higher investment, businesses can reap much more extensive productivity rewards.

“A challenge for small to medium sized manufacturers is determining the actual cost of ownership when investing in automation,” explained Nigel Smith, President of TM Robotics. “Robotics can be a costly outlay and naturally, price-conscious manufacturers want to ensure they are getting the best possible value for their buck.

For businesses interested in seeing the robots in action, TM Robotics’ robots will be demonstrated live at the Assembly Show 2018, which is held from October 23 to 25 in Rosemont, Illinois. At the show, TM Robotics’ team will be available to advise manufacturers on the best robot investment for their application.

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