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Tool converts round holes to hexagonal

The Atlas RIV 990 hexcutter tool converts predrilled round holes to hexagonal holes and promotes installation of full or halfhex bodied blind threaded inserts. The tool suits the Atlas-FM product line of full metric blind threaded inserts for attachment applications where only one side of a panel is accessible for hardware installation, such as tubing and extrusions.

The tool operates on 90-psi air pressure and accommodates interchangeable noses to correspond with hole-size requirements. Upon proper hole conversion, a variety of full metric blind threaded inserts can be installed quickly and permanently in aluminum, steel, or stainless-steel panels of any hardness and as thin as 0.020 in./0.5 mm. Inserts can be specified in a wide range of available thread sizes from #8-32 to 5˜/16™š-18 and M4 to M8 and flat, thin, our countersunk head styles.

Blind-threaded inserts offer assembly alternatives to tapped holes, weld nuts, rivets, and self-drilling or tapping screws, and can resolve close-to-edge mounting challenges. The inserts can be installed anywhere and at any stage with a single mating screw completing final component attachment.

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