Torque-generating technology

Torque-generating technology

PolyTorq torque-generating technology generates torque for hinges or torque inserts by interfacing an engineered thermoplastic with either a shaft or a tube. It can simplify designs by allowing complete hinges or torque inserts to consist of only two components, provide durable motion-control solutions, and/or allow for customized package size, geometry, and torque profile requirements.
The process makes hinges and torque inserts chemically inert to withstand harsh environments and external contaminants; variable torque is achieved as a function of angle with the capability to realize multiple detent positions and complex torque profiles; and the technology imparts a “viscous damping” function without oil to control speed and prevent components from “slamming” shut or opening under variable load.
Reell Precision Manufacturing Inc., 1259 Willow Lake Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55110, (651) 484-2447,

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