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Transceiver module for 900 MHz

The NT Series RF transceiver module lets users send and receive digital data in the 902 to 928-MHz band. Its True Transparency interface creates a wireless wire for use with nonstandard data rates, custom protocols, or encodings such as PWM and Manchester. The module features best-in-class receive sensitivity (up to –113 dBm) and low power consumption (only 19.2 mA in receive mode and 15.2 mA in transmit mode at 0 dBm).

The NT Series reduces latency by transmitting raw data. The transceiver allows for communication and microcontroller programming over a UART connection, which lets users implement a frequency agility scheme such as frequency hopping or listen before talk.

The transceiver is available as part of a master development system, which comes with two development boards for benchmarking and prototyping, each of which is populated with a transceiver. The boards include lights that show which areas are active as well as other enhancements that simplify development.

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