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Ultra-Flexible Ribbon Cable

The ultra-flexible Micro IDC Ribbon Cables from Cicoil Corp. have a space-saving 0.025” pitch and are designed for tight routing applications that require dependable signal density and reduced cable width. The rubber-jacketed cables withstand exposure to harsh environments, mechanical stress, and a wide range of temperatures (-65°C to +260°C). They also resist water, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, humidity, UV light, radiation, flames, aging, autoclave, ozone, sunlight, fungus, vibrations, and many chemicals. They are roughly half the size of standard 28 AWG IDC ribbon cables and have up to 64 copper conductors and fully terminated assemblies. They are available in 3, 6, and 12-ft lengths, and are rated to 3,000 V. Cables are also available with low-friction jacket coatings. The halogen-free cables are recognized by the UL and CSA, conform to CE regulations, comply with RoHS and REACH, and are clean-room rated Class One. The non-particulate generating cables exceed ASTM #959 outgassing requirements and are suited for use in vacuum environments.

Cicoil Corp.,, 661-295-1295

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